Counselling in Poole with Scania: counselling from a soul perspective, you can have your sessions in nature or indoors. Psycho-spiritual
Counselling in Poole with Scania: counselling from a soul perspective, you can have your sessions in nature or indoors. Psycho-spiritual
Counselling in Poole with Scania: counselling from a soul perspective, you can have your sessions in nature or indoors. Psycho-spiritual


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 Everyone Has two journeys to make through life.
There is the outer journey with its variety of incidents and the milestones..
There is also an inner journey, a spiritual Odyssey, with a secret history of its own.
(William R. Inge 1869-1954)

I am a qualified accredited counsellor and supervisor, using a transpersonal method of counselling. This approach embraces and draws upon the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions and developments in modern psychology. I am heavily influenced by the Internal Family Systems approach by Richard C. Schwartz and use the parts work to unfold our work. What on earth is parts work I hear you say. This little video really sums up how our parts communicate. Click here to watch.
Transpersonal counselling is a process of self-actualisation and self-realisation which helps you to discover the deep core of your essential self. Therapy works by building and expanding on your unique qualities, spirituality and self-develpment-helping you to utilise your free will and inner resources to remove inner conflicts and create a sense of balance and harmony in your life. 
I draw from a diverse range of techniques, which will be taught and supported in a way that you can continue to apply beyond therapy. Crucially, these techniques will be tailored to your specific needs and personal circumstances. The emphasis on individual development in transpersonal counselling is to ensure the effective cultivation of intuitive ways of knowing what complements a person's unique psychological and spiritual being. This I believe supports and enhances a person's inherent striving for freedom, unity and life fulfilment.
Some of the methods I may use in our sessions: body awareness and movement, creative work, breath work, aromatherapy, guided visualisation, meditation, goal-setting, gestalt work, psychosynthesis work, IFS, development of the imagination and intuition, art work, sound therapy and more. 
I treat each session as a unique experience, so there is no prescriptive way I work. I am a member of the B.A.C.P (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and I choose to abide by their code of ethics. A copy of this can be dowloaded from BACP.
I am also a member of COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists)
My aim is to provide a space that helps you gain a clearer understanding of yourself, your experiences and your situation. I offer my counselling sessions in Nature (ecotherapy) inside and online/telephone.
Deciding to have counselling can be a very powerful and life-affirming choice. Sometimes it can feel not that easy or comfortable. You may find it confusing all these new emotions, want to give up. Be reassured that this is a morn part of the counselling process and it will get easier.

My aim is so you feel understood and supported, a place, to express your feelings in a safe and appropriate way. I don't offer a promise of total happiness, but I do offer the opportunity to explore and accept your past experiences and move forward positively with your life.

For more information please give me a call 07929379918 and leave a message or book a free introduction call using my online Calendar 

How you work out the sliding scale:
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This option is suitable for clients with a moderate income or those who are able to comfortably afford their basic needs but may not have significant disposable income.
This price point is recommended for individuals with a more stable financial situation, such as those with higher incomes, dual-income households, or those who can comfortably afford discretionary expenses.