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Psychotherapy, Supervision & Vibration

Counselling & supervision

Psychospiritual Counselling in Nature, indoors or Online/Telephone

We are multidimensional human beings. To work with the whole of us makes sense!

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Supervision with Soul

I am a qualified supervisor and welcome enquires from counsellors that want to work with a supervisor that understands working outside in nature, Internal family systems (IFS), transpersonal and Psychospiritual aspects of their work.

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Ecotherapy Counselling & Supervision

Counselling in nature makes sense to me, it holds us in a space that the cycles of nature take us on a journey. Beach, woods and varies locations support this work. Also supervision takes place equally as well.

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Gong Bath Downloads

Full Moon Gong Bath Download

This Gong Session was recorded on a full moon/supermoon in Aries known as a Hunter's Moon or Travel Moon. The Aries full supermoon was also traveling at a close degree to iconoclastic Uranus, creating liberation energy.

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Echoes From The Library- A Gong Bath From Gaunts House

Echoes from the library is a unique recording of a 46 Minute “Sound Bath”. Recorded in the library of Gaunts House, taking full advantage of the incredible acoustics that the room gives due to the house being built out of portland stone.

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Downloadable Video

Here in HD Video Gong Bath from the woods. You can pop your headphones on and hear the sounds of the Gongs, Birds and the wind in the leaves.

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Gift Vouchers for Gong Baths, Counselling in Poole, Bournemouth, Sandbanks and the retreat new forest

Gift Vouchers that don't run out!

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Counselling and Supervision in Nature

Scania is a fully qualified counsellor and supervisor and offers therapy sessions and supervision in nature, indoors and online

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Scania is available for private hire

Scania has taken the Gong into some very special events. The Gong adds a special element to your event. Prices start from £200

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