About Me


I’m a Cardiff born girl, living in Poole, Dorset. My life has been a real blast so far, each day never the same… black days…blue days… joyous and sad. It has been my life to love and always will be. 

Work life has been eclectic, i started off my career in Los Angeles with Entertainment Lawyers whilst living in Hollywood. I then moved back to the UK became a mum of two kids and was head of PR at award winning outdoor sports brand. After cutting my teeth for 5 years in the creative world on the West Coast o I then upped sticks and changed tack to follow my new vocation in life coaching, Sound Therapy (Gong) and Psychotherapy which ignited a passion which grows ever more focused with each person I meet and exchange time with. 

I am a trained counsellor (for more information visit my counselling website) and offer a space to create an in depth therapeutic relationship, a space that has emphasis placed on the creation of this relationship which is holistic; focusing on the whole- body, mind and soul of you the client. I am very influenced by IFS (internal family systems- Richard Swartz).

My aim is to provide a space that helps you gain a clearer understanding of yourself, your experiences and your situation. I work in a conventional therapy setting (room), in nature (eco therapy) and offer Gong Psychotherapy which involves using the Gong and psychotherapy together.

I have a philosophy in life that everyone has a right to be able to get in touch with themselves and sometimes these times coincide with not being financially abundant so I offer a sliding scale with price. Through amazing people, gorgeous children and beautiful Dorset life I believe with all my heart this has lead me to create “the life you love.”

Which sole aim is to inspire, support and bring forth others into a life they will love too.