Counselling in Poole in a therapy room or counselling in nature (rewinding/ecotherapy)


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"I offer a space to create an in depth therapeutic relationship, a space that has emphasis placed on the creation of this relationship which is holistic, focusing on the whole- body, mind and spirit/soul of you the client"

My aim is to provide a space that helps you gain a clearer understanding of yourself, your experiences and your situation. I offer my counselling sessions in either a counselling room (Poole) or in nature (ecotherapy). In nature this takes place in a privately owned wood near Dorchester. This can also be available in Wimborne.

Deciding to have counselling can be a very powerful and life-affirming choice. Sometimes it can feel not that easy or comfortable. You may find it confusing all these new emotions, want to give up. Be reassured that this is a normal part of the counselling process and it will get easier. 

My aim is so you feel understood and supported, a place, to express your feelings in a safe and appropriate way.  I don’t offer a promise of total happiness, but I do offer the opportunity to explore and accept your past experiences and move forward positively with your life.

My professional experience includes working with people with common life problems, varies types of mental illness, struggling with addictions, anxiety, depression, sexual/physical abuse; adult children of alcoholics, university students, menopause, family issues, transgender, adults and adolescents. I am also a counsellor at Dorset Rape Crisis.

I also offer counselling in nature, in a private wood.

For more information on counselling or to book a appointment either contact me or visit my counselling website