Tools for Life

For years I have told people all about these products/books/items etc, so here are the reminders of the things I might have told you about. I only tell you about stuff that I have used, read, tried and find amazing!
If you have a local bookstore you can support please do, if not, or you use a kindle    follow the links below.



This was my first ever engagement with Susun Weed and I bought copies for every female I met. I was in my twenties when I found out about her amazing writing and it still is my gift of choice to my female friends. She just cuts the crap! gets down to the basics you need, and where you need to gather your wild harvest from!



  Sometimes it can be a really lonely time, with just expensive information being thrown at you, or at times quite unhelpful info. This is common sense at your finger tips!


 Written by a lovely friend of mine. Easy read with a lot of humour


Counselling Books I recommend getting 

I recommend getting this book when you begin counselling or want to get to know yourself. The book is illustrated and just beautiful to read. You can get it as a hard copy or on kindle