Poole Dog Gong Bath 7th September 7pm - A Gong Bath for you and your Dog

Poole Dog Gong Bath 7th September 7pm - A Gong Bath for you and your Dog

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As effective as sound energy healing with Gongs is for people, it is even more so with dogs, cats, horses and other pets.
Animals have the capacity to hear more octaves and tones than humans. They, like small children live in the present moment and do not complicate the treatment with mind chatter. Partly because of this, animals are profoundly affected by the instruments.
The Gongs are excellent for soothing, calming and reducing pain and anxiety in animals.
I have achieved great results with rescue dogs and the owners like it too!
This session is for dogs that are socialised and are not reactive to other dogs. If your dog is scared, reactive or not able to be in close surroundings with other dogs then consider having a private session with Scania and this can be done in the animals environment where they are used to being. We can chat through a private treatment before hand 07929 379918 or contact me
You don’t have to have a dog to come to this, just purchase human only ticket 😀
You can come to this with or without a dog, sometimes we just need to be in the energy field of animals.
what to bring
you will need to bring something for you to lay on and something for your dog.
what do I do when I arrive?
arrive early and you can go and walk your dog down by Poole park so they can have a wee and a sniff around.
arrive with time to settle into the space as the gongs will stat playing at 7pm. The session will last the hour with the gongs playing for about 45mins. If your dog does not like it you can leave at anytime so don’t feel trapped!
Can I come without a dog?
yes you can just buy the human only ticket
How do I get there?


Poole Christian Spiritualist Church
18 Kingland Road
BH15 1TP

car parks are located below: you will need to bring car park money. The car park is right next to the church. If not familiar with the location of the venue, please leave adequate time to find us.




Seldown Bridge

Poole BH15 1TA

There is an entrance in Kingland Road right next to the Church.


Kingland Crescent

Poole BH15 1TA

exchanges and refunds
we do not offer refunds but you can donate your ticket to a friend or gift it to someone. Please allow plenty of time for arrival if lockdown happens your ticket will be transferred to the next available session.