Family Session Spring Equinox/ Mothering Sunday Drum & Gong The Retreat New Forest 22nd March Sunday 11-1pm

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JOIN us for our Spring Equinox/Mothering Sunday event at the Retreat New Forest

This is a family session suitable from birth-150year olds........

11:00-1pm- Family session

11:-11:30- Family Gong Bath

11:45-12:15 family interactive drumming

12:15 eggs and goodbyes

 2adults 1-2 children = £35

1 adult 1 child- £25

additional children £5

(max of 2 children per adult)

The Spring Equinox brings us equal days and nights across the globe

when the sun passes the celestial equator and the earth’s axis is perpendicular to its rays. But this special day isn’t just an astronomical event, it also marks the beginning of springtime in the Northern Hemisphere and we can look forward to the daylight hours getting longer and the nights getting shorter, and who doesn’t want that after all the rain and wind we have had! Our ancestors would celebrate such auspicious days and you can still see traces of these ancient religious rituals in how we mark the changing of the season today. Most cultures and religions have traditions to celebrate the start of spring so this is why Heike and I are so keen to celebrate the change of seasons.

We will begin the sessions with a Gentle Gong bath, being reborn, rebirth is a big part of spring and so lets use the Gong to activate this reborn energy. We can connect with this as the land around us is starting to flower and bloom. Its traditional to plant seeds at this time so we will take time to plant a seed in our minds at the beginning of the gong bath and allow its growth to symbolise triumph at being reborn. Its time to make changes that you have been thinking about over winter.

We will have a quick swig of the traditional seasonal drink of Dandelion and Burdock. The bitter herbs were thought to be an invigorating tonic to wake the body up after the hardships of winter and a remedy to cleanse the blood and then head into the powerful hour of Heike’s drum circle. This will allow our energy which has been reborn to flow through our veins and create change in our body and soul.

We will then end the session of being given a small chocolate egg, the potent symbol of the egg has been part of spring celebrations for millennia. The Druids would bury them in fields to invite abundance to the land. We will invite you to use the beautiful space of the retreat grounds or to take home to bury your egg to invite the abundance of your choice into your being.

What do I need to bring: You will need to bring something comfortable to lay on, blanket and pillow. 

Please arrive no later than 10:45am so you can get comfortable. There is plenty of parking, if front is full just go around to the sign saying overflow car park.

Look forward to seeing you.


The Retreat New Forest (formally East Close Hotel)

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