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Live from Poole CS Church New Moon Gong Bath 29th July Wednesday 7pm

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Join me Live from the Christian Spiritualist Church in Poole with the Gongs for an hour of relaxation Via Zoom. A great way to relax and recharge in these challenging times. There is a choice of prices below to choose from so this makes it affordable for everyone. Many thanks for supporting me during these times, I deeply appreciate it. When you purchase the ticket you will be send a link to a downloadable brochure the zoom link is in there and you will need to follow it to download zoom and join the session on Thursday.

As this Church lies in the heart of Poole, i hope the Gong Vibration reaches out like ripples. 


In order to get the most out of the session I ask you to read through this check list

  1. Give yourself time to download the Zoom software if you've not done so already. If you do not have the zoom software click on the link that I have given you for the session on following page and you will have the option to download it.
  2. If you have an existing account with zoom make sure you have updated it to the current secure version that is available. If you do not do this, as there has been a new version available, you may be delayed in entering the session.
  3. Create a warm, comfortable and safe space for yourself to relax and experience with out any interruptions. You can lie down and have a blanket over you to keep you warm. You may even want an eye mask.
  4. I strongly recommend listening through headphones or a speaker if possible as inbuilt speakers in laptops/ phone etc... may not give you the range you need for the full gong sounds to translate into the magical sounds.
  5. Please make sure you are on mute when you join the zoom room. In the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, there should be a microphone. Make sure it is set to off. You should be muted on entry but do check its at the top on phone and tablets.
  6. If you need to communicate with me there is a chat box to type in to but when I am in the session playing I will not be able to respond.
  7. Remember the intention and the energy of gong are as important as the physical vibration and using the platform of social media and zoom have had some great results with sessions. 
  8. Please do remember to arrive no later than 5mins before the session, so that you can arrive unflustered and benefit from the full time.