3rd July Wednesday Chill Out In The Woods

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Give yourself time to unplug in a natural private setting. A place you can relax, rain or shine.

Its about unplugging, calming the nervous system and just allowing yourself to be in the here and now.

Using hammocks; we experience weightlessness and a place to call home for the time we are in the woods, a place that we can return to if we need to rest.

Sound Meditation; using gongs which will be played to you for a period of time where you can hang in the hammocks, tents or while your sitting under a favourite tree.

Community; where we can sit around the fire or in circle and do whatever flows. Its moments like this where conversations start, silence has meaning or the sound of drums springs up. There is no set pattern, just a loose outline which always turns out to be just perfect.

arrivals around 12

departures around 4

come as a group or an individual. There is space to be alone or amongst others.

£50 or £150 for a car of 4