Psychotherapeutic Body Massage

Psychotherapeutic Body Massage

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Using intuitive psychotherapeutic body massage which could include reflexology, massage, reiki and Sound therapy.

Please note Scania is a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Sound therapist and Body worker.

session lasts 90mins

Little bit more about psychotherapeutic body massage

  • Bodymind: Perhaps the most foundational concept of this type of psychotherapeutic body work, the bodymind represents the embodied integration of thoughts, feelings, and physical bodily experiences and sensations. All parts of a person can be accessed at various points in treatment in order to effectively and holistically address concerns. 
  • Armoring and Character: Armoring is a concept developed by Reich. He believed people developed systems of bodily “armor,” or muscle tension/rigidity, in order to protect themselves from emotional and physical pain. These sets of armor contribute to the development of a person’s “character," according to Reich and his followers, who developed five character types to use during assessment. 
  • Energy:  Energy stored in and released from the body plays an important role in how people carry themselves, experience and heal from pain, and interact with the world. Things like energy flow and release, muscle pulsation and contraction, and energy charge and discharge are all things I pay attention to throughout the treatment. 
  • Body Memory:  I believe memories can actually be stored within the body. My feelings are that because of this, some memories cannot be processed through talk therapy, but that these traumatic memories and problematic tension can often be released through bodywork, sound and other physical techniques. 
  • Trauma:  I believe that the concept of trauma aligns with that of body memory, proposing that traumatic experiences can create energy build-up, or blockages, that lead to physical and mental health concerns. 

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