Summer solstice gong bath, gong bath in the trees in hammocks with Scania, wimborne dorset. Gaunts House is a beautiful location for a gong bath

Summer Solstice 20th June Hammocks & Gongs in the Cherry trees at Gaunts House 2pm & 4pm(4pm session has songs around the fire after)

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Come and experience a Gong Bath in the cherry trees at Gaunts House suspended in a hammock or in a pop up tent. 

Summer Solstice Hammock Gong Bath in the Cherry Trees at Gaunts House 20th June Sunday 

As the magical Summer Solstice comes into play where equal day and night are nearly here, join me for a Nuturing, vibrational time of Gong in the Cherry trees at Gaunts House. 

After the session there will be time to write down your intentions and wishes and place them in the cauldron, we can release these to the sky and allow them to take us into the next cycle of the year.

There are 3 sessions during the day and the last session will have the session finish around the fire and connecting us to some songs facilitated by Jane Ferguson, do bring drums and any instruments you would like to use to join in with this part of the event. We will print out some words so you can join in and of course lead a song yourself if you feel like it! 

The extra payment for this event will be donated to a charity that’s supports sustainability and thinks about future generations of life.

12 and 2pm Session gong bath in the trees

4pm session Gongs followed by songs around the fire 

Arrive no later than 15 mins for a prompt start at your chosen start time 12pm, 2pm & 4pm (this session has songs around the fire)

You will be suspended in a hammock (or if you don’t want to be in the hammock a pop up tent) in the woodland at Gaunts House.

If its raining the session will still go ahead with the choice of being in the hammocks (wear waterproofs) or go in the pop up tent. The Gongs will be under cover.

Enjoy the feeling of looking up at the sky and being rocked by the trees.

Scania is a fully qualified Psychotheraputic counsellor (with a psycho-spiritual aspect to her work)  and this is an ideal session to allow some processing work to unfold

This event will be at Gaunts House in the cherry trees.


what you need to bring: warm clothes and stuff to make your hammock warm (sleeping bag, fleece, hot water bottle etc), water and your own tea for after. PLUS Anything else that will make you comfortable.

there are no refunds. You can pass your ticket to someone else if you cannot make it but please do inform me of who this is.