Spring Day in the Woods- Balance and Awakening 24th March Sunday 12-5pm

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Come to the woods to celebrate the Spring, the first days of Spring. IF you travel in one car you can make your ticket price as low as £40 (promoting car share for the environment based on 5 sharing a car).

individual car (1 person): £65

car with 2  people car sharing £60 each  

car with 3  people car sharing £50 each

Car with 4 people car sharing £45 each

Car with 5 people car sharing £40 each

Please let me know if you need a concession on any woodland events, the purpose in life is to support people not divide people.

 This is a celebration for male and female of balance and Union between the light and the dark cycles of the year, between the sun and the moon, between Yang and Yin, Fire and Water. From these opposites come new life, bursting with transformation and manifestations of what we planted in the winter months and early spring. 

      Lets celebrate that from here to Midsummer Solstice, the days will lengthen and the Sun returns, bringing increasing strength and warmth, the nights shorten and our play time gets longer.

   In the Celtic tradition, the Goddess of fertility is celebrated at the Spring Equinox. She has many names but is most commonly known as Easter or Oestre. This is the root of the word oestrus, the time in the reproduction cycle when the female produces oestrogen, the hormone that stimulates ovulation. The church overlaid this festival with Easter, with the theme of the continuance of life.

      The alchemy of the Spriing Equinox represents the joining of opposite forces to create a blending of energy which is alive, potent and expansive. Lets use this time in the woods to create balance, and bring together these ideas. At this perfect time these ideas will grow; growth in love, intentions, visions, hopes and dreams. Each being allowed the space to grow, given life to these intentions and thoughts we have nurtured through Winter and Early Spring. It's time for us to take risks, break free and start new projects.

The day will be around nurturing and allowing us to spring into this life. A place where it is safe to pause and spend some time just tending the gardens of our soul ready for the massive growth season of the next few months.

We will use fire, ritual and sound during our stay at the woods. Suspended in tree hammocks to compliment our nesting experience and fire to reactivate our soul presence. 

This event is held in my private woodlands which is near Cerne Abbas (10 miles from Dorchester and 7 miles from Sherborne)

How the day looks: 

We will arrive and have time to settle and drink tea with brief introduction to the wood. A loose schedule will take place during the day, with the option to join in or have time to yourself.

12- 12:30- arrive teas sit by the fire and just arrive and settle into the space. Brief introduction to where everything is and some info.

12:30- 1pm locating the place we feel we want to set our individual hammock tents up in the trees (this will be our own individual nest for the day, our own space to retreat in comfort)

1pm-1:30pm we can join together around the fire to eat our pack lunches

1:30- 2:30- the making of a mandala out of woodland materials and anything else you wish to bring.

2:30-3:30pm tree time and sound meditation with gongs and other instruments

3:30-4pm joining together to reflect and do a little fire ceremony

4-5pm free time to have reflective time about the day or to continue conversations and interactions in the woods.

We will use meditation with the gongs, which will support us, spring cleaning ourselves to celebrate this expanding life force. Connecting our energy with the buds about to burst into life, feel the power of life within us. What are we about to grow through our manifesting?

Take this time to tend the ideas and dreams that we have cultivated over the winter and early spring, making preparations for these to emerge. 

We each will bring our own pack lunches and anything else we wish to share.

This is a male and female event.

It is a celebration to reconnect us to our wild selves, selves that have been forgotten due to not being close to the celebration of natures cycles. Come and join me for reconnection and celebration.