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2020 Music Sound Medicine Retreat June 26th-28th June 2020 Gaunts House

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We welcome you to join us for a Sound Medicine healing retreat weekend, with Scania and Heike This retreat is held in the beautiful setting of Gaunts House near Wimborne, Dorset. This weekend will nourish your Mind, Body and Spirit. We will play together in rhythm, relax into the sounds of gongs and drums, dance if we care to, create a memento, sing and drum by the fire and share the joy of¬† time spent in the¬† company of friends ‚Äď new and old.¬†

Both Scania and Heike are local to the area and have held many workshops at Gaunts House. Gaunts House has fabulous  grounds, a lake, woodland, labyrinth, starhenge, fire pits, acres of land to explore  and a Swimming pool, all can be enjoyed by the group . 

We shall gather to celebrate the summer season and enjoy time and space at this lovely  place, with full board - home made delicious vegetarian (or optional vegan) food, a full program of sound healing, rhythm, fire & ceremony.

There are two ways you can pay:

1. Pay a deposit of £50 then pay the rest before the 31st May to keep the early bird price.

2. Pay the full amount either here online, or we can give you bank transfer details

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Friday Evening:

Dinner & Welcome talk. 

Gong bath to relax into the space

Labyrinth walk with Candle to enter into the dreamland of your weekend journey. 


Morning meditation ‚Äď Yoga Nidra Gong (meditation with Gongs)

Music Medicine drumming Circle or

Hammock Gong Bath

Craft session connecting to your inner vibration with Heike

Forest Bathing and Star Henge silent walk 

Gratitude for the earth ceremony honouring our mother earth 

Saturday Evening/Night:

Mid-Summer Fire, Drumming, singing & dancing. Heike guides us with medicine songs, fun songs and the magic unfolds


Music Medicine Drumming Circle or 

Hammock Gong Bath

Voice & sound journey then walking the Labyrinth for your return to the awakened self.

Gong Bath to magically transport you on your Journey home 


(schedule may change slightly, but only to include more)

After last years immersive & healing retreat we just felt empty not to do it again. The feedback was that guests were able to take time for themselves or join in with the group within a beautiful space, surrounded with nature, freedom and flexibility. Space to allow the soul to reboot, rebalance and reintegrate .

In circle and alone, using all elements (fire, wind, earth, water and air) we experience Sound Medicine and access Portals into our depths. With the support of Scania and Heike and our retreat family, this journey will invite you to relax and come back home to yourself. 

 We will acknowledge that we have just passed the Summer Solistice  when this retreat starts.This open and perfect place in time allows, curiosity to access visible connection between sky and earth, body and soul for deep Gong work, drumming, singing, healing and celebration. You are welcome to have private retreat time as well as integration when you want it. 

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. You can do all of the workshops or dip in when you feel like it. It is after all your retreat time. 

The intention behind this Sound Medicine retreat is to dive into the healing alchemy of sound medicine. Sound healing is rooted in the principle that everything in existence is made of micro-vibrations and to keep our body/heart/mind in good health it makes sense to keep ourselves in tune.  Through vocal practices, healing instruments, intention and tuning ourselves back into nature, we are able to bring ourselves back into vibrational alignment.

This retreat is suitable for all adults and all levels of experience, all we need is an open heart.  Great care will be taken to ensure that everyone feels they have support and feels safe and comfortable at all times. This is open to men and women.


* Two nights (Friday and Saturday) accommodation or camping at Gaunts House

* All meals (beginning with dinner on Friday evening)  coffee, tea fruit teas, biscuits and fruit. Ends with Lunch on Sunday

* Participation in all workshops, gatherings, circles, ceremonies and events


Single Accommodation- plenty of bathrooms on the same floor of the house

Single room

Early bird: £340 per person (Pay in full, or pay deposit of £50 followed by remaining balance by 31st March)

after March 31st £350

Shared Accommodation- plenty of bathrooms on the same floor of the house 

These are rooms with 2 or 3 beds in. 

 Early Bird: £299 per person (Pay in full, or pay deposit of £50 followed by remaining balance by 31st March)

regular price after the 31st march £325

All non refundable (if you find you cannot come, you can give someone your ticket please let us know their details)


 £195 per person (Pay in full or pay deposit of £50 followed by remaining balance by 31st March). You can camp in your tent, vans, caravan etc

Non Residential

Early bird ticket £190 per person  ( You can pay in full or pay deposit of £50 followed by the remaining balance by 31st March) This allows all meals, workshops and refreshments, but does not include accommodation. You are welcome to book your own accommodation else where, or if local come each day.  Please note we do not sell individual day passes, the non residential ticket covers the entire weekend.

After 31st regular price is £210

This event is for men and women 

All deposits are non refundable and when paid all tickets are non refundable (you can transfer ownership of ticket, please let us know new name)

You can also pay the full balance or deposit by bank transfer: contact me for details

About us:

Scania is a Sound Healing Practitioner and Psychotherapist Find out more about Scania at 

Heike leads drumming groups locally and at Festivals all over the country. Find out more about her

* please note that all deposits and full payments are non refundable. You can however gift your ticket to another person but please let us know as we will need to amend the booking form